Construction Site Management & Supervision – Advance Techniques l Engineering Skills Development Training

construction site management training construction site supervision training

Construction Site Management & Supervision – Advance Techniques l Engineering Skills Development Training

Need & Benefit

Construction site management mainly involves the rational layout of site facilities, optimum usage of space, and dynamic management of plants. It directly influences security, machine running, material supply, and power distribution, as well as construction progress and cost. This program outlines how the construction sites will be managed and supervised.

The construction sites have to be supervised daily by experienced and qualified construction engineers. The course is primarily aimed at people already working in a supervisory or management role within the construction industry. To achieve these qualifications, supervisors or managers have to provide satisfactory evidence of their management skills, as well as their technical knowledge and competence in the workplace and ability in supervising or managing a construction operation.



  • The main objectives of this course are to enhance the participant’s knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to increase his value to his organization and enhance his career as a supervisor in engineering projects. Upon completion of this training course, participants will be able to demonstrate that they can:
    • Organize work operations and activities
    • Organize resources for the work
    • Monitor and supervise work operations and activities
    • Maintain team and individual performance
    • Build dependable working relationships
    • Balance managerial skills with technical skills
    • Increased skill sets in Site Management and Supervision
    • Knowledge of Advanced Techniques of Site Management and Supervision
    • Greater ability to lead successful construction sites
  • Delegates working in leadership roles who desire to enhance their leadership competencies and maximize effectiveness in current positions. This is an experientially-based dynamic process whereby delegates not only to know, but also learn to reflect on and to apply knowledge.This course is recommended for anyone involved with the construction stage of construction, maintenance and repair projects:
    • Clients Representatives
    • Supervisors
    • Engineering Project Managers,
    • Site Officers and Managers,
    • Construction Engineers,
    • Project Engineers and Operation Engineers.

This course designed as engineering skills development training program which will help the construction industry personnel to enhance their practical knowledge and skills on the Electrical Installation, inspection and Testing.


  • Introduction to construction industry
    • Construction project stages
    • Main contract types
    • Methods of tendering
    • Construction engineering
    • Construction categories
    • Construction project management
  • Construction Site Set-Up (Preparation and Organization)
    • Types of Construction Sites
    • Planning for Site Preparation and Organization
    • Construction Site Security
    • Site Communications
    • Material Storage and Handling
    • Common Problems & Preventive Measures

  • Construction Project Phasing
    • Phasing of the Work
    • Phased Site Lay-Out Plans
    • Assess work methods, resources and systems to meet project requirements
  • Outline Construction Environmental Monitoring Plan
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Environmental Monitoring Checks
    • Surface Water

  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan
    • Waste Management Set-Up
    • Demolition Approach
    • Material Wastes
  • Outline Construction Site Traffic Management Plan
    • Construction traffic Management Plan Objectives
    • Construction Site Access and Egress
    • Car Parking
    • Operation of Site Entrances

  • Advanced Techniques Integrated Construction Site Management
    • Supplying Daily task to Site Engineers
    • Reports from Site Engineers
    • Update Entire Project Information
  • Construction Site Management Safety
    • Organize Work Operations and Activities
    • Organize Resources for the Work
    • Monitor and Supervise Work Operations and Activities
    • Health and Safety Including Management of Health.
    • Accident Prevention, Investigation and Reporting Procedures.
    • General Hazard Identification and Safe Working Methods

  • Developing the Supervisory Skills in the Construction Sites
    • Challenges in Moving to Supervision
    • Build Dependable Working Relationships
    • Increase Worker Productivity
    • Encourage Labors Initiative
    • The Importance of Balancing Managerial Skills with Technical Skills
    • Promoting Outstanding Team Performance
    • How to Mediate Disputes between Labors
    • Physical Resource Management
    • Monitoring and Control
    • Managing Teams and Individuals


Includes: qcdd exam for Architects

  • 15 Hours of Training to enhance the practical knowledge and skills in CONSTRUCTION SITE MANAGEMENT & SUPERVISION – ADVANCED TECHNIQUES 
  • Complete Set of Study Materials Soft Copy 

Value-Added Benefits 

  • Learning from Industry Experts in the field of Construction Engineering Practice
  • Flexible Timings / Evening Sessions
  • Engineering Skills Development Training Program (ESKD)
  • Leading & Professional Training Provider for QCDD Exam, MMUP UPDA Exam, PMP & other management certification programs over past 10 years in Qatar, Kuwait & India

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