Construction Management Using BEXEL Manager Fully Integrated 3D/4D/5D/6D BIM Training

BIM 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D Integrated Construction Management

BIM Construction Management Training

Bexel Management brings the next generation of digital construction management combining knowledge, experience, and creativity with massive computing power. It enables construction professionals a single source of information and digitalizes key workflows and advanced integrated and flexible systems, improving and streamlining workflow, efficiency, and productivity, and financial return.

Benefits Of BIM for Construction Management

 1. Validates The Constructability Of A Design

3D models, the core component of BIM, offer advantages for the construction phase especially if the building design or the site conditions are complex. Being able to see the end product visually makes it easier to decide what is the best way to construct the project. It can also help identify if there are any potential clashes between components, phases, trades, or even site features before the project begins construction.

2. Improves Construction Cost Estimates

With BIM, the 3D model of the project contains all the project information, including materials, products, and performance specifications. There’s no need for contractors to undertake a separate, lengthy take-off exercise in order to calculate the quantities – this is done by simply generating a quantity report. With the quantities and specification information derived directly from the model, creating a cost estimate for project tendering is much easier, quicker, and more accurate compared to using 2D drawings. Using BIM software with openBIM data exchange interfaces also makes exporting information into tendering or estimating programs easy and reliable.

3. Informs Construction Sequencing And Scheduling

Another key benefit of BIM for construction management is that advanced 3D modeling software allows the construction phase to be planned and simulated virtually. This can help determine the optimum construction sequence for complex projects and allows different options to be trialed before the work begins. It is also useful for calculating how long each construction activity will take, enabling a precise construction schedule to be created. BIM provides a perfect basis for a LEAN construction process.

4. Supports Prefabrication And Off-Site Construction

Prefabrication and modular construction are increasingly being used on projects to shorten the construction duration, reduce material wastage and costs, improve quality, and control labor costs. Having a higher degree of detail earlier in the design phase means that prefabricating sections of the project become more viable. The BIM model can be used to create shop drawings for prefabrication and is increasingly used as an information source in automated manufacturing processes that use digital machines.

5. Enhances The Completion And Handover Process

Rather than relying on updating as-built drawings, using BIM for construction management instead allows contractors to maintain an accurate, real-time record of the construction phase. By updating the information in the BIM model as the work progresses, the building information is centralized and easily accessible for facilities management staff. The model can also be used during the asset’s complete life cycle: for its ongoing operation and maintenance, as well as any future refurbishments or demolition work. For contracts with a building operation element, this can be a significant time-saver.

BIM Management Training Courses

Bexel manager solution based on integrated 3D/4D/5D/6D Building Information Modeling software. Providing a single source of information over the complete lifecycle of the project. Resulting in increased productivity, profitability, change management, and what-if scenario.

BIM Manager offers next-generation digital construction management, for decision-makers, contracts managers, project managers, construction managers, design managers and engineers, quantity surveyors, planners, and cost controllers.

The course is designed for all project professionals to get in-depth knowledge, combining both industry practice, application, and hands-on practice in a short time.


  • Fundamental BIM knowledge, integration in building lifecycle, and benefit.
  • Getting conversant with Bexel Manager, Navigation, Views, and BIM workflow
  • 3D environment -BIM data management and BIM quality checks and automated data
  • 3D environment -Model-based quantity take-off and reports.
  • 3D environment – Clash detection and interference Checking
  • 4D environment – Scheduling and planning, setting construction schedule, mapping of model element to schedule task,
  • 4D environment – Construction simulation, critical path and look ahead analysis & schedule optimization.
  • 4D environment – Progress Tracking & planned Vs Actual analysis.
  • 5D environment – Cost management, estimation, data mapping, budgets setups, Company database, and preparation of tender packages.
  • 5D environment – Smart project planning, Schedule comparison, element base cost analysis, scheduling, and resource planning, and monitoring
  • 5D environment – Cost optimization, advance analysis, cash flow, resource management, allocation, and leveling, progress tracking
  • 5D environment- Executive reporting, Earned value analysis & KPI tracking
  • 6D environment- Introduction and key features.

Basic Knowledge of Construction Processes  or BIM/Revit

All Engineers, managers, and other construction professionals working in the construction execution and construction management

Course Duration: 24 Hours 


Course Fee - QAR.1500/= as Promotional Fee

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Course Fee Includes:

  • 24 Hours of Exam Preparation Training
  • Handouts / Study Materials
  • Course completion Certificate with 24 PDU
  • Hands-on learning from Industry Expert

Value Added Benefits

  • Bexel Educational License with a free annual license.
  • Access to Educational, Webinars, Manual & tutorials.
  • Sample Project and Models.
  • Bexel Consultancy Test & Certificate.
  • Flexible Timings / Evening Sessions
  • Industry Experienced, PMP® Certified Experts as Faculties
  • Best institute for BIM/REVIT and other professional Certification Exams Preparation Training
  • Leading and Professional Training Center in Qatar, Kuwait, Chennai & Mumbai

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Key Benefits for Professionals and Companies from BIM Construction Management training

  • Establish and maintain total project control timely obtaining all valuable information
  • Plan ahead to anticipate pitfalls and minimize setbacks
  • Significantly reduce Risks, improves planning and resource management
  • Effectively cut down budget costs and construction time.
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining workflows
  • Increase ROI for clients by consolidating outputs for various design and construction simulations.

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BEXEL Manager Introduction

Course Outline

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BIM Fundamentals & Application


Fundamental BIM Knowledge
· BIM applications in the building lifecycle
· Necessity of BIM/ BIM Benefits
· LOD in BIM


Bexel Manager Introduction

  • Selection sets, scenes and views
  • BIM Workflow Explained with Bexel Manager

Practice 1

  • Practice session


BIM Meta-data Management & CBS

  • Data Enrichment and Clash Detection

Practice 2

  • Practice Session


  • Interference Management & Quantification
  • Automated Data Management & BIM Quality Checks – HD

Practice 3

  • Practice session


  • Import / Export of Schedules from other Scheduling Tools including Mapping of tasks with BIM Model Elements
  • Construction Simulation

Practice 4

  • Practice session


Critical Path method and analysis

  • Progress tracking
  • Planned vs Actual analysis

Practice 5

  • Practice session


5D Cost Estimation and Budgeting

  • Advanced intelligent 4D/5D Project planning
  • 5D BIM, Progress monitoring

Practice 6

  • Practice session


BOQ and Budgets

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • BEXEL CDE, Power BI, FM, Data integration, and intro to API

Practice 7

  • Practice session


6D BIM Introduction & Features