REVIT Architecture

Revit Architecture Training Course

Revit allows you to design and document a virtual representation of your project with both parametric 3D modeling and 2D drafting elements. Revit Architecture is an integrated architectural design and documentation environment.

Learning Objective

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe building information modeling, bidirectional associativity, and parametric relationship in Revit.
  • Understand the user interface, parametric objects, and families, and start projects using templates.
  • Create and modify levels and grids.
  • Create a basic floor plan, add and modify walls and compound walls, use editing tools, and work with doors and windows.
  • Work with component families.
  • Duplicate and manage views, control object visibility in views, and create elevation, section, and 3D views.
  • Learn how to use dimensions and constraints.
  • Create floors and ceilings, add roofs and curtain walls and work with stairs and railings in building model.
  • Create callout views.
  • create schedules, legends and keynotes.
  • Works with walkthrough , shadow settings , drawing sheets ,title blocks and rendering.

Course Duration: 30 Hours

Who should attend Revit Architecture Training Course?

The BIM workflow offered by using Revit architecture to learn and design with both parametric 3D modeling and 2D drafting elements.

Revit is an innovative design tool that enables enhanced coordination and quicker design within a BIM Model. Users with a complete understanding of the software will be able to design, analyze, fabricate and install MEP systems accurately. Some of the benefits that come with using REVIT includes improved design quality and increased productivity.

The course is designed for the busy professional. It is short and intensive, combining lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice.

Revit Architecture Training Course Fee

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  • 30 Hours of Hand- on Training
  • Complete Set of Study Materials
  • Course completion certificate for 30 PDUs

Value Added Benefits

  • Green International is a Leading and Pioneer Training Provider in Qatar, Kuwait and India.
  • Flexible Timings/ Evening Sessions
  • Industry Experienced Experts as Faculties
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Course Outline

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  • Introduction,
  • Building Information Modelling Revit Architecture- History,Features,Revit File Types, Exploring User Interface, Building Elements, Start a New Project, To Start a Project ,Drawing Aids ,Project Units,Levels,Drawing a plan as per Dimension


  • Creating Walls,
  • Tips for Creating Wall,
  • Wall joins,
  • Wall Layer,
  • Vertically Compound Walls,
  • Layer Assignment Guide Lines,
  • Sweeps and Reveals,
  • Wall Shapes and Openings, Stacked Wall, grids


  • Units Setup
  • Importing a CAD Drawing
  • Creating the Walls
  • Creating the Doors
  • Creating the Window
  • Adding the Floor and Ceiling
  • Chapter exercise

MODULE 3 : Practice Session


  • Modify Tools,Move,Copy,Paste,Create Similar,Rotate,Mirror,Array,Scale,Split Element,Trim,Align,Offset,Pin,Unpin,Delete,
  • Door,Window,Match Type, Tape Measure, Keyboard Shortcuts, Visual Styles, Dimensions-Temporary/Permanent Dimension, Modify Dimensions, Constrains

MODULE 5 : Practice Session

MODULE 6 : Floor

  • Adding Floor,
  • Editing Floor Sketch,
  • Sloped Floor,
  • Floor Slab Edges,
  • Ceiling – Creating Ceiling,
  • Roof – Roof by Footprint, Roof by Extrusion, Shape editing for Floors and Roofs,
  • Join/Unjoin Roof, Roof Soffit, Roof Fascia, Roof Gutter

MODULE 7 : Practice Session

MODULE 8: Opening

  • Opening on Face and Vertical opening,
  • Shaft Opening, Wall Opening,
  • Components-Placing Component, Managing Views,Floor plan views, Ceiling plan view, View properties, View Range, Plan Region, Elevation view, Section View, Creating Section head,3D views, Cropping a View, Visibility or Graphics Display, View Templates, Filter

MODULE 9 : Practice Session

MODULE 10: Curtain Wall

  • Creating Curtain Wall,
  • Curtain Grids,
  • Mullions,
  • Reshaping Curtain Wall Panels,
  • Merging Curtain Grids

MODULE 11: Stairs

  • Creating Stair by sketching Runs,
  • Creating Stair by sketching Boundary and Riser,
  • Spiral Staircase,
  • Specifying Railing Types for New Stairs,Ramp,Railings,Adding Railing, Modifying Rail Structure

MODULE 12: Practice Session

MODULE 13 : Massing

  • Terminology,
  • Create Mass Family using Forms,
  • Creating Building Elements from Mass Instance, Mass Floors, Creating Wall, Creating Floors, Creating Curtain System, Creating Roof.

MODULE 14: Site Design

  • Topo surfaces,Subregion,Split Surface, Merge Surface, Building Pad, Parking Components, Site Component

MODULE 15: Practice-Project phase 3- 3d Model-Residential Building

MODULE 16: Text

  • Model Text, Tag, Callout Views,Detailing,Creating Detail View, Schedules-Schedule/ Quantities, Material Take Off, Annotation Schedule,


  • Practice: Prepare Door and window schedule for Residential Building. rvt, Rooms,Area,Color Schemes, Legend Views, Keynotes, Find out the total area, Place rooms and prepare room schedule

MODULE 18: Practice Session

MODULE 19: Lights

  • Adding Lighting Fixtures,
  • Light Groups,
  • Sun settings,
  • Materials,Rendering,
  • Walkthroughs,
  • Exporting Walkthroughs,

MODULE 20: Practice Session

MODULE 21: Export

  • Export to CAD format,
  • Exporting to DWG or DXF,
  • Exporting to DWF format,
  • Room and Area Reports,
  • Export to 3d’s max,

MODULE 22: Decals

  • Decals, Interference Check, Customizing Project Settings, Fill patterns, Line Weight, Line Patterns, Line Styles, Import/Link, Group, with legend detail, room area report, jpeg Format,.avi Format

MODULE 23: Practice

  • Practice: Create realistic images for exterior and interior view, Export walkthrough in .avi format

MODULE 24: Practice Session

MODULE 25: Exam