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Green International is an international firm with branches in Qatar, Kuwait, India operating over last 10 years and has trained over 4000 professionals as well as providing specialized consulting services for projects. Green International Qatar is an Pioneer and Leading Training provider for HVAC DESIGN TRAINING and helped more than 2000 Engineers in achieving MME Engineers accreditation in Qatar. Our organization offers Training & Consulting Services to clients from a diverse range of market segments including Architectural Design Firms, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Construction, Banking, IT, Telecom, Retail & Wholesale Marketing and Project Management among others.

For those involved with the purchase, design, fabrication,installation or inspection of HVAC Projects including users, manufacturers, maintenance companies, construction companies, MEP Contractors, inspection agencies and other organizations involved with the design, and repair of HVAC System / Plants.

Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering B.Tech / BE in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Master in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

This Course is prepared for helping the entry level (Basic) & Experienced Engineers (Advanced Level) in the field of Air Conditioning Systems. This Course fills the gap between the Theoretical Study & Real-time practical design of HVAC systems.

Introduction for HVAC

· Psychometrics & HVAC cycle component

· Standards and Codes

· Heat load Calculation

· Understanding different HVAC system

· Ducting Design Method Considering Proper Friction and Balance Velocity

· Air Distribution method using Supply & Return Ceiling Diffuser, Linear Slot Diffuser, Linear Bar Grilles, Jet Diffuser, Register

· Use of Fire Damper, Volume Control Damper, Variable Air Volume in HVAC system

· Mechanical Ventilation Design System (Cfm sizing, Fans types, External Static pressure calculation, Fans selection, Ducts Sizing for fans).

· Smoke Ventilation system for Car Parking

· AHU, Heat Recovery System and Fan Static Calculation

· Centralized chilled water system (Air Cooled / Water Cooled).

· Chilled Water Basics (Chilled Water Design Steps, Chilled Water Components Selection, Chilled Water Pipes Sizing, Pump Head & NPSH Calculations, Details)

· Selection of Equipment such as Centrifugal Chiller, Air Cooled Chiller, Cooling Tower, HVAC Pumps,

· Chilled Water & Condenser Water Plant Room Detail

· Working Principle of Centrifugal Chiller, Air Cooled Chiller & Cooling Tower

· Function of different types of Valves, Strainer, Suction Diffuser, and Multi-purpose Valve in HVAC System

· Reading Architectural Plans & prepare it for beginning HVAC design

· Introduction to HAP Program (HAP Systems, HAP files, HAP Reports, HAP Weather & Spaces data entry)

· AutoCAD commands needed for drawing

· Duct drawing by AutoCAD

· Project Work

  • Our Faculties have more 10-15 years of industrial experience in HVAC systems Design
  • Study Materials
  • Power point presentations
  • The Courses are designed and customized for Projects in Middle East.

Friday 2.00-7.00pm & Sat 7-10pm

30 Hrs

COURSE FORMAT OF HVAC DESIGN TRAINING Course is presented as PowerPoint presentations that are explained by the instructor, while keeping students engaged via real-life examples, questions and topic discussions. Flip boards and charts will be used to demonstrate key points. Students will also be given quizzes at the end of each chapter to solidify their knowledge, as well as additional practice questions to take home and prepare for the exam. The sessions will be MCQ oriented to make the engineers familiar with the patterns and gain speed and accuracy in tackling the MCQ type of questions.

Course Wrap Up & Mock Exam Here, we go over the course key points reminding students about all each Areas, concepts and techniques and how they connect and add value. The instructor will also review the application process with the students in order to make sure, they are ready to apply and sit for the MME exam, and they know how to approach the examination process.


  • Training will be conducted by Industry Experienced & Accredited Trainers
  • Complete ppt course presentation, pdf materials ( soft copy ) for refreshing the fundamental Engineering concepts will be provided to training participants
  • Chapter wise simulation exercises will be performed during the training
  • Full length simulation exams will be conducted as part of training
  • Free Re-training will be facilitated in our public training programs for No-pass participants at Green International’s premises by inducting them in to ongoing training sessions
  • Guidance will be provided for MME application process and submission.

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