Latest Success stories from 26 Dec 19 to 09 Jan 2020

#MMUP/UPDA Exam for Architecture Civil -Success Stories

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The Latest Success stories of Green International from 26 Dec’19-09 Jan’20!!!

Congratulations Engineers!!! All the best for their professional growth upda mechanical engineering questions upda qatar mechanical exampdf

Engr. Anoop Soman Nair,

Engr. Abdulsalim Kazalli,

Engr. Mohammed Imran,

Engr. Manzoor Ali Abdul Khader

Engr. Rejin Maniath Chandran

Engr. Ali Ali Ali Abo

Engr. Raghuram Vijayan

On passing the MMUP / UPDA Examination and obtaining the Engineer License with the help of our training services on first attempt 💪💪🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆….

We train you to achieve the UPDA/MMUP License exam in your first attempt.

Green International is a Leading and Pioneer MMUP training Center Qatar conducting MMUP Civil, MMUP Mechanical, MMUP Electrical, MMUP Architecture, MMUP Chemical, PMP Certification Training, UPDA Exam Syllabus / MMUP Exam Sysllabus training. We are providing high quality comprehensive exam focused training and study materials and documents submission support for MMUP Exam in Qatar to achieving MME License in 1st attempt through our Mock Up exams and full fledged intensive coaching.  upda exam syllabus for architects

  • Leading and Pioneer #MMUP Exam Training Center Qatar
  • #PMP Certification Training
  • #Best Institute for PMP Certification Training
  • 120+ Engineers per month availing our training services.
  • 3500+ Engineers obtained our training services
  • UPDA conducts exam 4 days/week, nearly 16 different set of questions circulated on Monthly Basis.
  • UPDA conducts same exam for 30+ different country Engineers, each country follows different text books and syllabus. Green international is providing a suitable platform for preparation of UPDA Exam for working professionals as it is not easy to get time for revising all engineering subjects individually.
  • Green Intl classes would help individuals to focus on fundamentals of Engineering and few important areas, which increases the chances of clearing the exams
  • Our Past training participants sharing their exam experiences and questions through our 100+ over groups
  • Those who are availing our training will be able to learn updated course contents & latest FRQ asked questions in your live class room training sessions.
  • Green Intl training is the Best shortcut method and easiest way to achieve the MME License
  • Providing UPDA EXAM SYLLABUS TRAINING and QCDD License training for Mechanical and Electrical Engineers for those who have achieved MME License MMUP Civil exam preparation

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