Latest Success stories of MMUP UPDA Exam – 14 Jan 20- 18 Feb 20

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Green International is a Leading and Pioneer MMUP training Center Qatar conducting MMUP Civil, MMUP Mechanical, MMUP Electrical, MMUP Architecture, MMUP Chemical, PMP Certification Training, UPDA Exam Syllabus / MMUP Exam Sysllabus training. We are providing high quality comprehensive exam focused training and study materials and documents submission support for MMUP Exam in Qatar to achieving MME License in 1st attempt through our Mock Up exams and full fledged intensive coaching.

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The Latest Success stories of Green International on 14 Jan 2020 -17 Feb 2020!!!
Congratulations Engineers!!! All the best for your professional growth

Engr. Bijesh , UPDA Architecture

Engr. Aqeel Ahmed, UPDA Civil

Engr. Dinesh Shetty, UPDA Civil

Engr. Nabin Karki, UPDA Civil

Engr. Rajil Raja, UPDA Electrical

Engr. Punnassery Nagarajan, QCDD Electrical

Engr. Shafeeq Cheerambathel, UPDA Mechanical

Engr. Faisudheen Kannoth , UPDA Electrical

Engr. Uzma Zubair, UPDA Architecture

Engr. Oliver Yap, UPDA Civil

Engr. Jasim Waheed, UPDA Architecture

Engr. Yasemin Taner, UPDA Architecture

Engr. Yogesh Suresh Varma, UPDA Civil

Engr. Iftikhar Ahmad, UPDA Civil

Engr. Mohammed Rizwan, UPDA Civil

Engr. San Thomas, UPDA Mechanical

Engr. Jenelyn Balbastro Mendoza, UPDA Chemical

Engr. AbdelFateeh Jarray, UPDA Architecture

Engr. Shaikh Mohammed Jawad, UPDA Chemical

On passing the MMUP / UPDA Examination and obtaining the Engineer License with the help of our training services on first attempt …. mmup mechanical engineering exam
We train you to achieve the UPDA/MMUP License exam in your first attempt.

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