MMUP EXAM APPEAL, mmup grievance, mmup exam results

mmup exam appeal, mmup grievance ,mmup exam results, mmup appeal result, upda exam results

Greetings from Green International, Qatar – UPDA EXAM FAILED/ MMUP GRIEVANCE / / UPDA APPEAL / How to re apply for MMUP Exam (Second and fourth appeal registration step by step procedure)

There are a lot of questions regarding application for an appeal for re-test and category/grade issues from the Engineers.

This step by step process would help all other engineers who are in a position to re-apply for exam for 2nd & 4th Chances in UPDA.

Please note that this process might be changed by MMUP/MME anytime including the website including its appearance.

* You may avail Re-Test  If you fail to clear the UPDA Exam in 1st and 3rd Chances. It is known as Grievance.


*Need to apply within a month from your failed exam date. You can apply through Online with help of Arabic link of Baladiya site*


 UPDA MMUP GRIEVANCE (2nd&4th) Exams Result Procedure


Then you will be directed to this page where you can choose which appeal you would want to apply for. First option is for those who fail the exam, 2nd is category or grade, 3rd is specialization and last is others. If you are appealing for upgrading, choose the 2nd option…After choosing the option, you can upload any supporting documents you have like certificates, IDs etc. Then on the box below, copy and paste your appeal letter. Prepare your letter first in English. Then translate to arabic using google. You can do it by paragraph. Do it yourself first then have it finalized by your arabic translator. Once finalized, just copy and paste to the box. mmup exam appeal



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