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Why Green International for UPDA PMP LEED Exam Preparation training?

Green International is proud to share the Professional Exam Preparation Photo Gallery of UPDA PMP LEED Exam Preparation and its High success rate achievement of our training participants in UPDA MMUP MME exams of Civil, mechanical, Electrical, Architecture and Chemical Engineering

UPDA PMP LEED Exam Preparation 

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Why Green International for UPDA PMP LEED Exam Preparation training?

  • 120+ Engineers per month availing our UPDA Exam preparation training
  • 25,000+ Engineers obtained our training services
  • UPDA conducts exams 4 days a week, with nearly 16 different sets of questions circulated on a Monthly Basis.
  • UPDA conducts the same exam for 30+ different country Engineers, each country follows different textbooks and syllabus. Green international is providing a suitable platform for the preparation of the UPDA Exam for working professionals as it is not easy to get time for revising all engineering subjects individually.
  • Green Intl classes would help individuals to focus on fundamentals of Engineering and few important areas, which increases the chances of clearing the exams
  • Our Past training participants sharing their exam experiences and questions through our 100+ over groups
  • Those who are availing our training will be able to learn updated course contents & latest FRQ-asked questions in your live classroom training sessions.
  • Green Intl training is the Best shortcut method and easiest way to achieve the MME License
  • QCDD Engineer License training for Mechanical and Electrical

Q Facts of Green International

  • Currently initiated Job placement support through our corporate connections those who have completed training with us and holding UPDA License.
  • Corporate are availing our training services
  • Very Large Bundle of previous questions from our Very Huge past student connections
  • Continuous update of training outline and materials based on recent Exam Questions
  • Highly professional and Experienced consultants for consultation, registration and support
  • Highly professional & Industry Experienced Grade A Licensed trainers
  • Mock Up exercises / Exam in Live Class Room Training Session
  • Facebook Groups for SIMULATION EXAM Practices of questions
  • Absolute Updated Information about UPDA Exam
  • Documents Submission Support (From opening Hukoomi AccountPCC, ongoing Application number Updates, Uploading Documents, Grievances submission Renewal of License/ Upgrading of Grade)
  • Guidance & Support for Certificates Attestation through our Trusted Partner
  • UPDA Exam Questions Civil Engineers training with High Success Rate

PMP Course Completion Oct 2022

PMP Oct 2022

PMP Sep 2022

UPDA Civil Sep 2022

UPDA Civil 13 Apr 2022

QCDD Exam Preparation 10 MAR 20

MMUP Elect 08 Mar 20

PMP, MMUP Electrical, MMUP Mechanical Feb 20

UPDA Elect, UPDA Chemical, PMP , MMUP Elect, UPDA Civil, UPDA Mech Jan 20

MMUP Civil, PMP , MMUP Mech, MMUP Elect 12 Dec 19

PMP Completion on 09 Dec 19

PMP Training Nov 2019

PMP Completion Oct 19

UPDA Civil, UPDA Mechanical , UPDA Elect Oct 2019

UPDA Exam Awareness seminar in Oct 19

Nepal Engineers Association-Technical Seminar 20 Sep’19

PMP Aug’19 Completion

UPDA Civil, UPDA Electrical, UPDA Archit Sep’19

PMP Training, UPDA Electrical, UPDA Mechanical, UPDA Civil Aug 19

PMP Training completion on 14 Aug 19

UPDA Training Mar 2019

UPDA Mech completion on 27 Jan 19, UPDA Civil Jan 19