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UPDA Chemical Mock Tests

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Green International welcomes you to UPDA Mech Mock Test 7

1. A radiator in a domestic heating system operates at a surface temperature of 60 degree Celsius. Calculate the heat flux at the surface of the radiator if it behaves as a black body
2. Find the pressure of water at 200°C and having specific volume of 1.5 m3/kg.
3. As per NFPA88A, the minimum opening in the walls of the car parking is:
4. For an incompressible fluid does density vary with temperature and pressure?
5. As per NFPA72, the frequency test for the control valve to connected to supervising station is:
6. If 200m3 of fluid has a weight of 1060N measured on the planet having acceleration due to gravity 6.625m/s2, what will be it’s specific volume?
7. Which of the following is a reversed heat engine cycle?
8. A 5 m long vertical tube having cross sectional area 200 cm^2 is placed in a water. It is filled with 15°C water, with the bottom closed and the top open to 100 kPa atmosphere. How much water is present in tube?
9. As per NFPA72, the audible devices are frequently tested:
10. As per NFPA72, the heat detectors are frequently visually inspected:
11. The change of angular momentum in a pump is equal to the _________
12. Calculate the specific weight and weight of 20dm3 of petrol of specific gravity 0.6.
13. During a tensile test on a specimen of 1 cm cross-section, maximum load observed was 8 tonnes and area of cross-section at neck was 0.5 cm2. Ultimate tensile strength of specimen is
14. For a vapour power cycle,
15. Which of the following parameters can be obtained by tension test of a standard specimen?
16. For a fluid undergoing cycle process,
17. Which type of contract should be used for a well defined product?
18. The losses in pump is due to
19. Which test is conducted to measure the endurance limit of the material?
20. An authorized contractor administrator from buyer should provide what to the seller that the contract has been completed.
21. The number of electrons in 1 cm3 of metal would be of the order of
22. A reversed heat engine
23. True stress-strain curve for materials is plotted between
24. Dry ice is suitable for ____ temperature refrigeration.
25. Generally, a Request for Quotation(RFQ) differs from Request for Proposal(RFP) in that the: