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1.Which one of the following represents an activity?

2.Pick up the incorrect statement from the following?


3.The technique for establishing and maintaining priorities among the various jobs of a project, is known


4.Mile Stone charts were invented in the year of?

5.Frederick W. Taylor introduced a system of working known as5


6.In the given figure, the network of a project represents 

7.If D is the duration, ES and EF are the earliest start and finish, LS and LF are latest start and latest finish time, then the following relation holds good


8.Final technical authority of a project lies with

9.The performance of a specific task in CPM, is known

10.Pick up the correct statement from the following:

11.Completion of an activity on CPM network diagram, is generally known

12.For determination of allowable stress in axial compression, Indian Standard Institution has adopted

13.If the pitch is 6 cm and rivet value is 4 tonnes, the number of rivets required for a riveted connection carrying an eccentric load of 15 tonnes at a distance of 30 cm from the centre line, is

14.In plastic analysis, the shape factor for circular sections, is

15.The weakest section of a diamond riveting, is the section which passes through

16.In a loaded beam, the point of con-traflexture occurs at a section where

17.A three-hinged arch is said to be :

18.A beam of length L is pinned at both ends and is subjected to a concentrated bending couple of moment M at its centre. The maximum bending moment in the beam is

19.The shape of the bending moment diagram over the length of a beam, carrying a uniformly distributed load is always


20.For a given material Young's modulus is 200 GN/m2 and modulus of rigidity is 80 GN/m2. The value of Poisson's ratio is

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