UPDA Exam PMP Mock Test May 2021

Green International Welcomes you to UPDA Exam PMP Mock Test

1. What is primary use for fast track scheduling:
2. Fast Tracking in Project means?
3. An engineer received new scope of work which is not included at the original scope, what the action he has to do?
4. Which of the following characteristics is not typical of a project manager:
5. Which of the following is not opportunity to do the project?
6. What is the common or usual method to ensure that the final set of construction documents satisfy the clients program and design goals?
7. Activity on arrow needs to use dummy activities to avoid precedence problem that can happen due to:
8. First step of scope planning starts with:
9. What type of bond guarantees that if a contractor goes broke on a project, the surety will pay the necessary amount to complete the job?
10. Which of the following choices is not one of the stages of a project life cycle?
11. Out of the following which is the best example of a project?
12. The first step of project scope definition is to:
13. The forward pass in project network calculation determines the:
14. An activity in a project network can be represented by which of the following?
15. Your boss has just approved the initiation of a project to celebrate Qatar National Day. Sadia has been assigned the project manager as should be:
16. What is meant by Ethics?
17. Which of the following is not one of the commonly heard comments of project managers?
18. Strategy considered to be under purview of senior management is
19. The intended outcome of strategy/projects integration is
20. Project managers who do not understand the role that their project plays in accomplishing the organization's strategy tend to make all the following mistakes except:
21. The textbook indicated that ________ is the major dimension of strategic management
22. Which of the following questions does the organization's mission statement answer?
23. Strategy formulation includes which of the following activities?
24. The assessment of the external and internal environments is called _______ analysis
25. Which of the following is not one of the requirements for successful implementation of strategies through projects?