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1.Which is false statement about multistage compression

2.In multistage compressor, the isothermal compression is achieved by

3)The capacity of a compressor is 5 m3 /min.

5 m3 /min refers to

4.The overall isothermal efficiency of compressor is defined as the ratio of

5.Maximum work is done in compressing air when the compression is

6.The pressure and temperature conditions of air at the suction of compressor are

7.Isothermal compression efficiency can be attained by running the compressor

8.The compressor capacity with decrease in suction temperature

9.Isothermal compression efficiency, even when running at high speed, can be approached by using

10.Compression efficiency is compared against

11.Airplanes employ following type of compressor

12.Inter cooling in compressors

13.An ideal air compressor cycle without clearance on p-v diagram can be represented by following processes

14.An ideal air compressor cycle with clearance on p-v diagram can be represented by following processes

15.What will be the volume of air at 327°C if its volume at 27°C is 1.5 m3/mt

16.The work done per unit mass of air in compression will ‘be least when n is equal to

17.Isothermal compression though most efficient, but is not –practicable because

18.Ratio of indicated H.P. and brake H.P. is known as

19.The ratio of work done per cycle to the swept volume in case of compressor is called

20.Cylinder clearance in a compressor should be

21.Ratio of compression is the ratio of

22.Clearance volume in actual reciprocating compressors is essential

23)Which of the following plants is smallest and lightest for generating a given amount of power

24)A simple turbo-jet engine is basically

25) For speed above 3000 km/hour, it is more advantageous to use


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